img_2268img_2263LUSH @ Rosedale are the coolest! We got to visit and talk to people about the new curriculum we are working on. Their charity pot is wonderful! the proceeds got to fund nonprofits doing the kind of work we believe in. and as you can see, we got a charity pot too! Go to Lush and ask to get the TVbyGIRLS charity pot. We think you will love it!

Come Join us at LUSH cosmetics on September 17, 2016. We will be there sharing our films, doing some new filming and in general talking with people about making the world a better place. We’ll be in the store from 1:00 to 4:00p. Check out their Charity Pot–each purchase supports an organization working for social justice! AND THE FUCHSIA LIP TINT. can’t miss having a good time.

Come by and see @TVbyGIRLS and @LUSH!

We need you…in so many ways…



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Valencia, core girl, is a spoken word poet.  Molly Nemer, Leah Gross, Francis Matejck, Chuck Duncan and Barbara Wiener visualized the powerful poem about relationship attachment and violence in a junkyard, the bits and pieces of tangled metal serving as a great visual metaphor.


Take a look at some of the work from TVbyGIRLS 13 year history working with teen girls to make films that matter.   As we are developing a curriculum to use these films, we had a lot of fun watching them again.  We hope you do too!

When Maddy, 15, began this film with Rose, 80, she had never heard of the profession of homemaker.  Here’s what she discovered in this project called Greatest Girls, a collaboration between teen girls and elder women to make films about growing up then and now.